New Japan
Ayuo :  Aoi
Cat. # 7260
Released Nov 2005
cd time - 47:39
US Price $16.00
The creator of two of the most fascinating releases on the New Japan series (Izutsu and Red Moon) now turns his hand to one of the most curious of all Japanese musical forms, the Noh play. Mixing the feeling and sounds of psychedelia with an ancient tradition through voice and instruments, Aoi is another masterpiece from one of Japan’s most prolific and eclectic musical minds. Also included are two lush instrumentals, an evocative piece for bouzouki and a minimalist suite for solo piano.
Ayuo: Bouzouki, Sitar-guitar, Cornemuse, Bass, Soft Synths, Fue, Tin Whistle, Voice, Guitars, Darbukka
Yuji Takahashi: Piano
Ken Awazu: Low Male Chorus
Takada Kazuko: Sangen, Vocals
Nagasu Tomoka: Biwa, Shakuhachi, Vocals