David Shea :  Classical Works
Cat. # 7041
Released 1998
cd time - 55:40
US Price $16.00
Two adventurous pieces of classical chamber music by one of today's busiest musical manipulators. The atmospheric Chamber Symphony #1 juxtaposes live and sampled instrumental sonorities in a complex world of modern polyphony with turntable/sampler wizard David Shea playing along with members of the Ictus Ensemble.

The ‘Voice' Suite originally written for an award-winning radio-play features the brilliant cellist Erik Friedlander and long-time Shea collaborator Jim Pugliese interacting with Shea's twisted sampler magic. An important release of two of Shea's most ambitious musical projects.
Erik Friedlander: Cello
Jim Pugliese: Percussion
David Shea: Sampling Keyboard, Turntables And Piano

Ictus Ensemble
Miguel Bernat: Percussion
Gery Cambier: Double Bass
Geert De Bievre: Cello
Paul De Clerck: Viola
Francois Deppe: Cello
Jean-Luc Fafchamps: Piano
Dirk Noyen: Bassoon
Gerrit Nulens: Percussion
Georges-Elie Octors: Conductor
Alain Pire: Trombone
Jean-Luc Plovier: Sampling Keyboard
Phillippe Ranallo: Trumpet
Igor Semenoff: Violin
Eric Sleichim: Baritone Sax
Piet Van Bockstal: Oboe
Janna Van Mechelen: Alto Flute
Takashi Yamane: Clarinet