Toby Driver :  In The L..L..Library Loft
Cat. # 8019
Released Oct 2005
cd time - 53:12
US Price $16.00
A beautiful collection of modern compositions by the brilliant young mastermind of Maudlin of the Well/Kayo Dot, a cutting edge band combining a classical ear for structure and orchestration with the power and immediacy of heavy and black metal. Featuring several of his band mates in key roles, and a number of special guests, this is music of great detail and searing passion. Years in the making, this is a CD that will surely catapult Toby into the eyes and ears of an exciting new audience. Four moody masterpieces of magic and horror.
Toby Driver: Guitar, Bass, Sine Waves, Vocals, Piano, Tuning Forks
Sam Gutterman: Drums, String Piano, Tuning Forks, Vocals
Mia Matsumiya: Violin, Tuning Forks, Vocals, Remote Snare Drum
Kristen Antolik: Cello
Sheel DavĂ©: Drums
Forbes Graham: Trumpet, Euphonium
Trevor Jarvis: Cello
Doug Larosa: Trombone
Ryan McGuire: Bass, Snare Drum, Vocals