DVD Edition
Ken Jacobs :  Celestial Subway Lines/Salvaging Noise
Cat. # 3004
Released Nov 2005
dvd time - 68:00
US Price $31.00
One of the most consistently experimental and prolific filmmakers in Avant Garde Cinema, Ken Jacobs has produced enough work for several lifetimes, and continues on stronger than ever into his seventh decade. From film and shadow play to magic lantern and nervous system, Jacobs is a master improviser with live film, inventing new ways of seeing and creating with each new project. This special collaboration with John Zorn, a fan and cohort of Jacobs’ since the late 1970’s, documents the very best of a series of performances originally presented at the Anthology Film Archives in 2004. Exquisitely mysterious landscapes of elusive beauty—fragile and mystical—from two generations of the New York Underground.
Ikue Mori: Laptop
John Zorn: Music