Misha Mengelberg :  Senne Sing Song
Cat. # 7613
Released Aug 2005
cd time - 57:54
US Price $16.00
Misha Mengelberg has been a central figure of the Dutch Jazz/Improvisers scene since the late 1950’s. A brilliant pianist, organizer, conceptualist, composer, dadaist and eccentric leader of the ICP Orchestra, he has been an inspiration and mentor to several generations of musicians worldwide. Following up on his acclaimed piano trio recordings for the Japanese label Avant back in the early 1990’s,Misha performs with the classic downtown rhythm section of Greg Cohen (Ornette Coleman, Masada) and Ben Perowsky (Uri Caine, John Scofield). Nine original compositions in a dynamic trio setting by one of the legendaryfigures of new music.
Greg Cohen: Bass
Misha Mengelberg: Piano
Ben Perowsky: Drums