Radical Jewish Culture
John Zorn :  Masada Anniversary Edition Vol. 5: Masada Rock
Cat. # 8103
Released Aug 2005
cd time - 47:54
US Price $16.00
Rashanim is one of the hottest young bands in the New Jewish Renaissance and for their second Tzadik release guitarist Jon Madof has turned his versatile arranging talents to ten unknown songs from Zorn’s original Masada songbook. The music jumps from heavy rock to Jewish jazz, classical to world beat to create an eclectic program of modern Jewish music in the Zorn tradition. Featuring long time Masada veteran Marc Ribot on several tracks, this is one of the most powerful and dynamic readings of Masada music on disc.
Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz: Electric Bass, Oud
Jon Madof: Guitar

Matthias Künzli: Drums, Percussion

Special Guest
Marc Ribot: Guitar