Radical Jewish Culture
Frank London :  Hazònos
Cat. # 8102
Released Jun 2005
cd time - 56:42
US Price $16.00
More beautiful and evocative arrangements of Jewish liturgical music from the ever-creative and indefatigable mind of Frank London, one of the most important musicians out of the New Jewish Renaissance. Frank’s distinctive trumpet has never sounded more lyrical, and is accompanied here by the sparkling rhythm section of Anthony Coleman, David Chevan and Gerald Cleaver. Joining Frank on several tracks is chazzan Jacob Mendelson, whose soaring voice gives a unique spiritual quality to what is perhaps Frank’s greatest and most passionate recording to date.
Anthony Coleman: Piano, Organ, Harmonium
Frank London: Trumpet, Harmonium
Tomas Ulrich: Cello
Cantor Jacob Ben-Zion Mendelson: Voice
David Chevan: Bass
Gerald Cleaver: Drums
Daniel Mendelson: Voice
Dan Rosengard: Keyboeards
Cookie Segelstein: Violin
Cantor Simon Spiro: Voice