Time of Orchids :  Sarcast While
Cat. # 8013
Released Apr 2005
cd time - 70:42
US Price $16.00
Time of Orchids blurs the line between metal, classical and industrial with stunning technical prowess and this new CD is their most ambitious work to date—a powerful suite exploring complex harmonies and chaotic textures with remarkable intensity and ghostlike beauty. Featuring the remarkable Julee Cruise from Twin Peaks on guest vocals, Sarcast While is an avant-rock masterpiece. Haunting synths, manic shrieks and jagged guitar/bass/drums interplay from a young band pioneering a complex and vibrant new rock sound.

Time of Orchids
Bodie: Drums, Trinkets
Eric Fitzgerald: Guitar, Vocals
Jesse Krakow: Bass, Vocals
Chuck Stern: Keyboard, Vocals, Guitar, Machine Parts, Hair Dryer

Special Guests
Tim Byrnes: Trumpet
Julee Cruise: Vocals
Maryanna Hansen: Vocals