Gisburg :  Trust
Cat. # 7038
Released Oct 1998
cd time - 43:18
US Price $16.00
Gisburg's newest Tzadik recording couples two masterful compositions onto one disc. Her heartfelt opera for solo voice about the ups and downs of doomed and obsessive love is one of her most personal and striking compositional statements to date, a powerful combination of stark emotional content, minimalist melody and narrative charm. "Anna" shows Gisburg's profound command of classic instrumental writing - a lush and dramatic string quartet performed by the brilliant Cassatt Quartet.
Gisburg: Voice
Bernhard Rothschadl: Text

Cassatt String Quartet
Jennifer Leshnower: Violin
Kelley Mikkelsen: Cello
Michiko Oshima: Viola
Muneko Otani: Violin