Chris Brown :  Rogue Wave
Cat. # 8014
Released Mar 2005
cd time - 63:42
US Price $16.00
Chris Brown is a San Francisco based composer who stands firmly in the tradition of West Coast innovators like Terry Riley and James Tenney. Rogue Wave, his first CD in almost a decade, is one of his best —a startling retrospective spanning over twenty years of activity. Six dynamic pieces featuring a wide range of sound sources and compositional styles, from angelic choirs of electronically altered pianos, to hardcore hip-hop transmissions and polyphonic noise symphonies. This important new release places Brown at the forefront of new electronic composition, and finally sheds long overdue light on an important innovator whose work has been unjustly marginalized for years.
David Abel: Violin
Chris Brown: Computers, Live Electronics, Gazamba Percussion Piano, Rods On Steel Plate, Orchestral Synthesis
Julie Steinberg: Piano
Toyoji Tomita: Bass Trombone
William Winant: Percussion, Vibraphone, Bull-roarer
Guillermo Galindo, computers
DJ Eddie Def: Turntables
Cenk Ergun: Computers
Patrice Scanlon: Computers
Jonathan Segel: Computers
Tadashi Usami: Computers