Christian Wolff :  Burdocks
Cat. # 7071
Released Oct 2001
cd time - 55:36
US Price $16.00
For half a century legendary scholar Christian Wolff has created a very personal musical response to John Cage's challenging experiments and three of his most distinctive compositions receive inspiring performances here by
a collection of San Francisco and New York's best and most imaginative performers. Fred Frith, Joan Jeanrenaud, Bob Ostertag, Miya Masaoka and Stephen Drury are just a few of the remarkable players percussion virtuoso William Winant has brought together to pay tribute to the fascinating work
of this conceptual visionary, who performs at the piano with an all-star ensemble on his most famous composition Burdocks.
Jennifer Choi: Violin
Stephen Drury: Piano
Fred Frith: Guitar
Joan Jeanrenaud: Cello
Gordon Mumma: French Horn, Trumpet
Bob Ostertag: Sampler
Peter Wahrhaftig: Tuba
William Winant: Percussion
Christian Wolff: Melodica, Piano
Miya Masaoka: Koto, Electronics