New Japan
Hikashu :  Hikashu History
Cat. # 7235
Released Oct 2001
cd time - 75:54
US Price $16.00
Makigami Koichi is one of Japan’s most popular underground performers and Hikashu History follows the journeys of his remarkable rock/pop band Hikashu through over twenty-five years of musical mayhem. From techno (before the Yellow Magic Orchestra) to noise/sampler improvisation (before Ground Zero) to jazz, folk and beyond—all with a Japanese twist. Hikashu has been anticipating trends and charting new paths in Japanese music for decades. Hikashu History documents their musical explorations through private tapes, rare demos and exciting live recordings. A fascinating view of one band’s visionary directions. Featuring Makigami Koichi, Otomo Yoshihide, Lauren Newton, Inoue Makoto, Torsten Rasch and many others.
Makigami Koichi: Lead Vocals, Bass, Cornet, Toys
Otomo Yoshihide: Turn Tables
Nomoto Kazuhiro: Sax, Bass Clarinet
Tsuno Ken: Drums
Inoue Makoto: Mellotron, Synthesizers, Chorus
Sakaide Masami: Bass
Mitama Masamichi: Guitars, Chorus
Taniguchi Masaru: Drums
Torsten Rasch: Samplers
Tobe Satoshi: Alto Sax, Chorus
Sensui Toshiro: Drums
Yamashita Yasushi: Rhythm Box, Synthesizers, Chorus