New Japan
Ruins :  Live at Kichijoji /Mandala II
Cat. # 7234
Released Aug 2001
cd time - 68:05
US Price $16.00
A blistering live performance at one of Tokyo's longest running avant garde venues by one of Tokyo's longest running avant garde bands. A breathtaking performance of over twenty stop-on-a-dime Ruins classics, Mandala II captures the raw power and visceral energy of this dynamic band better than any studio recording ever could. Also included is twenty minutes of encores featuring the versatile and dynamic violinist Katsui Yuji. Intense, powerful and
frighteningly complex sonic masterpieces by two performers who make bass and drums sound like an orchestra of synchronized jet engines.
Sasaki Hisashi: Bass, Vocals
Yoshida Tatsuya: Drums, Vocals