New Japan
A Qui Avec Gabriel :  Utsuho
Cat. # 7233
Released Jul 2001
cd time - 55:44
US Price $16.00
A qui avec Gabriel is a young accordion player steeped in French Romanticism and moody exotica. With the innocence and charm of Erik Satie, her debut recording Utsuho depicts the soul's journey from night until dawn, through day to dusk, visiting along the way dark storms, shining drops of light, cats, mysterious winds and galactic voices. Accompanied at times by violin, clarinet, piano and the eerie guitar and voice of Haino Keiji, Utsuho is a uniquely personal CD of lyrical beauty.
A Qui Avec Gabriel: Accordion, Voice
Haino Keiji: Guitar, Voice
Fujita Akio: Clarinet
Natsuaki Fumihisa: Drums, Xylophone
Ota Keisuke: Violin, Toys, Voice
Kawamura Meiko: Piano
Tanabe Retsuzan: Shakuhachi
Ochi Yasuhiko: Bass