New Japan
Radar :  Easy Listening
Cat. # 7251
Released Jan 2005
cd time - 51:25
US Price $16.00
Here is a young trio of musicians from the Kansai area on soprano sax, bass and piano who have created a remarkably original world of sound. Although one can hear occasional influences from Steve Lacy and the Jimmy Giuffre Three, this music is uniquely Japanese in its sense of sound, space and time. Honest, imaginative, beautiful, meditative, bizarre, haunting, hilarious, thoughtful, courageous, nostalgic…familiar yet unfamiliar, this music is really something special.
Katori Koichiro: Piano, Accordion, Low Voice, Chorus
Inada Makoto: Contrabass, Vocal
Mizutani Yasuhisa: Soprano Sax, Clarinet, Percussion, Chorus