Norman Yamada :  Being and Time
Cat. # 7035
Released 1998
cd time - 75:20
US Price $16.00
Norman Yamada is a brilliant young composer who has worked with Anthony Coleman, Marc Ribot, the Crosstown Ensemble, the Agon Orchestra and was previously heard on the Avant CD by Rough Assemblage. Being And Time, the first CD dedicated to his compositions for small ensembles is an atavistic exploration of rock gestures, ambient noise and today's post-modern malaise. A unique compositional statement from a new generation of genre-busting musical thinkers.
Kyle Adams: Piano
Christine Bard: Percussion
Kenji Samuel Coleman-Yamada: Voice
Jay Elfenbein: Bass
Mark Ettinger: Conductor
J.D. Foster: Guitar
Eliza Gagnon: Reader
Marka Gustavsson: Viola
Benjamin Harrington: Trombone
Tom Hoyt: Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet
Ariane Lallemand: Cello
Margaret Lancaster: Flute, Piccolo
Chris Lightcap: Bass
Ted Mook: Cello
Chris Nappi: Percussion
Jim Pugliese: Percussion
Marc Ribot: Guitar
Adam Rogers: Electric Guitar
Theresa Salomon: Violin
Tim Smith: Bass Clarinet
Mark Stewart: Guitar
Doug Wieselman: E-flat Clarinet
Allen Won: Alto Saxophone
Norman Yamada: Fan, Organ, Shortwave Radio, Conductor