Radical Jewish Culture
Shirim Klezmer Orchestra :  Pincus and the Pig: A Klezmer Tale
Cat. # 7195
Released Oct 2004
cd time - 44:40
US Price $16.00
"Did you hear of Boychick Pincus, how he opened wide the gate and hippety-hopped over the sweet warm meadow?" So begins Maurice Sendak's charming and hilarious retelling of Prokofiev's classic children's legend Peter and the Wolf where Peter has become Pincus and the wolf is Chozzer Pig. Together with the Shirim Klezmer Orchestra, Sendak has created a Jewish tour de force, resonating with dark Jewish humor and mysterious subtexts. Prokofiev's timeless compositions receive the brilliant Shirim twist, and Sendak's striking drawings are highlighted in a full color booklet and a bonus sheet of collectible stickers. Years in the making, Pincus and the Pig: A Klezmer Tale is a delightfully entertaining romp for the entire family exploring the deep relationship between Jewish and Russian music, culture and story.

Shirim Klezmer Orchestra
Glenn Dickson: Clarinet
Jim Gray: Tuba
David Harris: Trombone
Michael McLaughlin: Piano, Accordion
Eric Rosenthal: Drums
Brandon Seabrook: Banjo, Mandolin
Maurice Sendak: Narration