Radical Jewish Culture
David Krakauer :  Music from the Winery
Cat. # 7196
Released Oct 2004
cd time - 64:01
US Price $16.00
Every Sunday at Tonic since 1998, Klezmer Brunch has been presenting some of the most exciting Jewish Music on the planet. Curated by David Krakauer, one of the masters of contemporary Jewish Music, this special compilation pulls together some of the very best performances from the past several years. Featuring some exciting young bands and some Jewish Music Superstars, Music from the Winery is an exciting cross section of the burgeoning New Jewish Music scene via clarinetist, composer, bandleader and impresario David Krakauer.
Charm City Klezmer
Klezmer Madness Quartet
Margot Leverett trio
Meshuge Klezmer Band
Metropolitan Klezmer
Pharaoh's Daughter
Socalled and Krakauer
Solomon and Krakauer
The Klezminors
The Sway Machinery