Fred Frith :  Pacifica
Cat. # 7034
Released 1998
cd time - 75:20
US Price $16.00
Pacifica is a major new composition by the world-famous guitarist, improvisor and composer, Fred Frith. Over an hour in length and composed for a large ensemble of winds, strings and percussion, Pacifica sets the poetry of Pablo Neruda into a seductive and hypnotizing sound world that slowly metamorphoses into something altogether different. Lyrical written passages, inspired improvisations, sensual vocals and provocative sound effects all come together into a fascinating whole - one of Fred Frith's most brilliant orchestral creations.
Paolo Angeli: Prepared Guitar
Olivia Bignardi: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Daniela Cattivelli: Alto Sax
Ferdinando D'Andria: Trumpet, Violin
Silvia Fanti: Accordion
Filomena Forleo: Piano
Pierangelo Galantino: Violin, Double Bass
Lelio Giannetto: Double Bass
Margareth Kammerer: Voice
Claudio Lanteri: Prepared Guitar
Andrea Martignoni: Percussion
Mario Martignoni: Percussion
Salvatore Panu: Trombone
Tiziano Popoli: Keyboards
Giorgio Simbola: Trombone
Massimo Simonini: Records, Tapes, CDs
Pino Urso: Percussion
Nicola Zonca: Marimba
Stefano Zorzanello: Flute, Piccolo, Soprano Sax