New Japan
Ayuo/Ohta Hiromi :  Red Moon
Cat. # 7246
Released Jan 2004
cd time - 66:59
US Price $16.00
Ayuo is one of Japan’s great originals, having walked his own unusual path for over twenty years. His second CD for Tzadik is a charming and hypnotic collaboration with one of Japan’s most beautiful vocalists, pop star Ohta Hiromi. Touching upon various world music traditions, beautiful folk ballads and psychedelic raves, Red Moon is a lush and seductive collection of contemporary song.
Ayuo: Sitar-guitar, Guitars, Electric Bass, Electric "wah-wah" Guitar, Vocals, B4 Organ, Whistles, Guitar-bass, Drum Machine Programming, Percussion, Celtic Harp, Bouzouki, Loops, Sound Effects
Ohta Hiromi: Vocals, Ukulele
Ohta Keisuke: Violin
Ma-To: Tabla
Nonaka Masa Yuichi: Drums