New Japan
Hoahio :  Peek-Ara-Boo
Cat. # 7245
Released Nov 2003
cd time - 48:52
US Price $16.00
Hoahio's second CD is even more quirky and varied than the first. Joining koto virtuoso Yagi Michiyo and Kansai vocalist Haco this time is Era Mari, a remarkable young percussionist from Kyoto. Her brilliant vibes and marimba playing gives this release a bit of a Beefheart flavor, but of course there's much more than that. Noisy improv, charming folksongs and romantic moods from this classic trio out of Japan.
Haco: Vocals, Electric Mandolin, Effects, Synthesizers, Jew's Harp, Electronics, Theremin
Era Mari: Drums, Vibraphone, Percussion, Bass Marimba, Bamboo Xylophone
Yagi Michiyo: Koto, Chorus, Perpared Shamisen, Spoken Voice
Christopher Stephens: Electronics, Keyboard, Violin, Crickets