New Japan
Sachi Hayasaka :  Minga
Cat. # 7244
Released May 2003
cd time - 57:03
US Price $16.00
Sachi Hayasaka is one of Japan's most creative composer/performers, a bandleader, arranger and soloist of great passion and originality. Her beautiful sound and adventurous projects have made her, along with Kazutoki Umezu, one of the busiest and most respected saxophonists in Tokyo. For this latest project, she augments her regular ensemble with some of Japan's best world beat musicians and an exciting African drummer Wagane Ndiaye Rose in an eclectic blend of world music and jazz. Minga is Sachi's most dynamic and satisfying musical statement.
Ogimi Gen: Percussion, Chorus
Sachi Hayasaka: Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Chorus
Kido Natsuki: Acoustic And Electric Guitar, Bandolin
Wagane Ndiaye Rose: Sabar
Otaka Sizzle: Voice
Yahiro Tomohiro: Percussion, Chorus
Nagata Toshiki: Bass, Percussion, Voice, Chorus