New Japan
Syzygys :  Complete Studio Recordings
Cat. # 7240
Released Jan 2003
cd time - 68:29
US Price $16.00
The kind of quirky lunacy only possible in Japan, Syzygys is a remarkable instrumental duo that performs infectiously original pop songs on Harry Partch’s 43 note to the octave microtonal organ. With an uncanny ear and startling creativity—this music is as hilarious as it is delightful. Out of print for years, Tzadik now presents the complete studio recordings of this amazing band on one CD.
Kobayashi Hidenori: Harmonica
Nishida Hiromi: Violin, Electric Violin, Viola, Oud, Fretless Bass, Zither, Vocal
Shimizu Hitomi: 43-tone Organ, Dx7ii, Vocal
Tajima Kazue: Sho
Abe Koji: Acoustic Guitar
Tomita Mitsue: Cello
Hinata Miyuki: Cello
Nitta Takashi: Electric Bass
Fujita Tetsuji: Additional Arrangement
Imahori Tsuneo: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar