New Japan
Rovo :  Tonic
Cat. # 7239-2
Released Apr 2002
cd 1 time - 55:08
cd 2 time - 59:20
US Price $26.00
Some of the very best musicians in Japan, veterans of bands such as the Boredoms, Bondage Fruits, Bazooka Joe, Dub Sub, Demi Semi Quaver and Omoide Hatoba come together in Rovo, a virtuosic trance-rock group based in Tokyo. This dynamic two CD set collects the best of their legendary two night run at New York City’s premiere new music club Tonic. Beautifully recorded and impeccably mixed by Rovo mastermind Katsui Yuji in Japan, Tonic 2001 captures the firey brilliance of this dazzling band like no studio recording ever could. Two special mix translations by Bill Laswell are included as bonus tracks. Ecstatic music for listeners and dancers alike.

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Harada Jin: Bass, Harmonica
Nakanishi Koji: Sh-101, Juno 106
Yamamoto Seiichi: Guitar
Masuko Tatsuki: Sh-101, Dx-7
Yoshigaki Yasuhiro: Drums, Djambe
Okabe Yoichi: Drums, Djambe
Katsui Yuji: Violin