New Japan
Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Quintet :  Flutter
Cat. # 7232
Released May 2001
cd time - 51:02
US Price $16.00
Japanese Free Jazz has a history that goes back to the ’60s, and Otomo Yoshihide’s latest project brings together some of the best Free Jazz players in Japan with noise musicians Sachiko M and the legendary Akita Masami of Merzbow. Beautiful arrangements, exciting solos and a kickass rhythm section make Flutter one of Otomo’s most powerful and unusual musical statements. Features three bizarre covers of tunes by Eric Dolphy and Gerry Mulligan and four dynamic originals. Sine waves, drones, jazz and noise from one of Japan’s most ubiquitous experimental musicians.
Mizutami Hiroaki: Bass
Tsugami Kenta: Alto Saxophone
Sachiko M: Sine Waves
Akita Masami: EMS Synthesizer
Kikuchi Naruyoshi: Tenor Saxophone
Yoshigaki Yasuhiro: Drums, Trumpet
Otomo Yoshihide: Electric Guitar, Electronics, Sho Samples