New Japan
Aiko Shimada :  Blue Marble
Cat. # 7231
Released Jan 2001
cd time - 41:16
US Price $16.00
Produced and arranged by enigmatic mystical traveller Eyvind Kang, Blue Marble is a CD of surreal folk songs by singer/songwriter Aiko Shimada. Born in Japan and now based in Seattle, Aiko’s music is fresh, original and heartfelt. For this latest release, Eyvind has brought in an unusual team of proto-hippies and music freaks keying off of Aiko’s moody melodies and lyrics. From noise to string orchestra, drum machine to toy piano, Blue Marble is an unforgettable emotional ride through Aiko’s exotic music forest. Special guest appearance by Bill Frisell.
Brent Arnold: Cello
Mark Collins: Double Bass
Guy Davis: Guchung
Mark France: Electric Guitar
Bill Frisell: Electric Guitar, Backwards Guitar Loops
Eyvind Kang: Violin, Viola, Fretless Bass, Processed Violins, Ashiko Drum, Tom-tom, Recorders, Mint-finger Cymbals
Tucker Martine: Electronic Shekere, Drum Machine, Bass Drum
Paul Moore: Key Bass, Toy Piano, Arp Synth, Nord Bass, Fender Rhodes, Nord Lead
DJ Olive: Turntable
Evan Schiller: Drum Loops, Hand Claps, Drums, Bell Samples
Aiko Shimada: Electric Guitar, Vocals
Troy Swanson: Talkbox Hammond
Jason Webley: Accordion