New Japan
Ayuo :  Izutsu
Cat. # 7227
Released Jan 2000
cd time - 63:03
US Price $16.00
Ayuo (whose name translates as Fish-Life) is one of the most enigmatic figures in Japan, as unique as Moondog, Sun Ra or Haino Keiji, with whom he occasionally collaborates. Ayuo's music is a delicate balance of world music traditions, new age, improvisation and classical composition.

Izutsu is Ayuo's masterpiece, a one-act opera based on an ancient Noh play, scored for Celtic harp, hurdy gurdy, sitar-guitar and traditional Japanese instruments. Timeless music with a charming, mystical quality–hypnotic, sensitive and alluring.
Ito Ayumi: Chorus
Ayuo: Hurdy-gurdy, Sitar-guitar, Dharma-vina, Psaltery, Celtic Harp
Tsukagoshi Hiroki: Chorus
Nakamura Hitomi: Hichiriki
Sakurai Makiko: Vocals, Arrangements For Ryuteki, Hichiriki, Sho
Yagi Michiyo: Loto
Sasamoto Takeshi: Ryuteki
Tono Tamami: Sho