Eyvind Kang :  Theater of Mineral NADEs
Cat. # 7032
Released 1998
cd time - 44:39
US Price $16.00
Eyvind Kang has one of the strangest musical minds on the scene today. His first release 7 NADEs was on many "Best 10" lists of 1996 and this second installment of his "NADEs" series is, as one would expect, something completely different. Medieval crumhorns, ecstatic arrangements, lilting melodies, unusual concepts and, of course, Eyvind's virtuosic violin stylings. This epic work, a year and a half in the making, is Kang's personal take on "East" and "West." Theater Of Mineral NADEs is Kang's Sgt. Pepper's. Destined to become one of the most important records of the year.
Courtney Agguire: Voice
Mike Anderson: Trumpet
Brent Arnold: Cello
Christian Asplund: Harmonium
Terry Hsu: Violin
Eyvind Kang: Violins, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Mandolin, Tuba, Recorders, Percussion, Voice
Alan Kestle: Violin
Susanna Knapp: Flute
Jessica Lurie: Flute
Tucker Martine: Drums
Mint: Finger Cymbals
Steve Moore: Trombone
Vishal Nagar: Tabla
Tari Nelson-Zagar: Bass
Dave Pascal: Bass
James Philp: Cornemuse, Crumhorn, Recorders, Bass Flute
Ed Pias: Percussion
Ian Rashkin: Bass
Emmanuelle Somer: Oboe
Trey Spruance: String Guitar
Mike Stone: Drums
Timothy Young: Guitar