New Japan
Friction :  Zone Tripper
Cat. # 7224
Released Oct 1999
cd time - 73:47
US Price $16.00
Arriving in New York City early 1977, Reck was a vital member of the New York No Wave Punk scene, playing bass with James Chance and the Contortions and Lydia Lunch. Returning to Tokyo in 1978 he founded Friction, one of the most important and longest running underground bands in Japan. Together over twenty years, Friction has gone through many changes, while still retaining its hard-edged style and unique combination of hard rock, punk and noise. Zone Tripper presents some of their greatest songs and some surprising remixes by Tokyo’s greatest DJs. Friction’s first release outside of Japan,—Zone Tripper is powerful introduction to one of the most legendary bands in the Tokyo underground.
Imai Akinobu: Guitar
Sato Minoru: Drums
Reck: Bass, Vocals, Guitar