New Japan
Purple Trap : 
Decided... Already The Motionless Heart Of Tranquility, Tangling The Prayer Called "I"
Cat. # 7221-2
Released Mar 1999
cd 1 time - 62:47
cd 2 time - 65:26
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A new supergroup featuring Haino Keiji, one of the world's most powerful and original guitarist/vocalists, Bill Laswell, contemporary music's most personal and experimental bassists and Rashied Ali, Coltrane alumni and godfather of free jazz drumming. Haino is pulled kicking and literally screaming to new heights of inspiration by the most dynamic rhythm section he has ever worked with. Passionate, ear wrenching and exhilaratingly sounds from three of today's most creative and uncompromising musical masters.

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Rashied Ali: Drums
Haino Keiji: Guitar, Vocal
Bill Laswell: Bass