New Japan
Ruins :  Symphonica
Cat. # 7215
Released Jun 1998
cd time - 67:17
US Price $16.00
For more than a decade, the Ruins have been one of the most consistently exciting groups out of the Japanese underground. Known worldwide for their complex multi-layered compositions and dynamic live performances, Ruins ground-breaking music starts and stops on a dime, with the precision of a watch and the power of a sledgehammer. Symphonica is a new direction for this innovative band, which until now has worked solely as a duo. Augmenting their core unit of drums and bass with two female vocalists and a keyboard player of astonishing virtuosity, these brilliant orchestral arrangements of new compositions and Ruins classics display aspects of their music that have been waiting to emerge for years.
Kubota Aki: Vocal
Emi Eleonora: Vocal
Sasaki Hisashi: Bass
Oguchi Kenichi: Keyboards
Yoshida Tatsuya: Drums, Voice