New Japan
Merzbow :  1930
Cat. # 7214
Released 1998
cd time - 58:41
US Price $16.00
The Japanese Noise scene has received much attention in the past several years, and countless bands have flooded the market with CDs filled with horrible sounds and indiscriminate noise. "Merzbow" is the one and only original Japanese noise band, begun by Masami Akita over 20 years ago and he is still the best of them all. This special release for the Tzadik label is one of his most important compositional creations - an adventurous travelogue into his world of analog and digital noises, taking unexpected twists and turns that will surprise even hardcore Merzbow fans. Merzbow is the undisputed king of the Japanese noise scene and 1930 is one of his very finest releases.
Akita Masami