New Japan
Zubi Zuva :  Jehovah
Cat. # 7209
Released 1996
cd time - 35:36
US Price $16.00
The past few years have seen the underground transformed by the Japanese Invasion. Ruins and compatriots the Boredoms, Haino Keiji, and Ground Zero are continually outdoing each other with each new album.

While Ruins fans have come to expect the unexpected, this latest curveball from Ruins mastermind Yoshida Tatsuya is a work of insane genius. Zubi Zuva is a freewheeling acappella vocal trio, running the gamut from Gregorian Chant and Buddhist Shomyo to Doo-wop, hardcore and looney tunes; of coourse, as usual, all in a language of Yoshida's invention. Essential listening for those interested in the outer limits of wierdness.
Takahashi Hideki: Bass
Yoshida Tatsuya: Alto
Shibasaki Yukifumi: Tenor