Mamoru Fujieda :  The Night Chant
Cat. # 7003
Released 1995
cd time - 56:59
US Price $16.00
THE NIGHT CHANT combines computer-controlled synthesizer tuned in just notation (a la Harry Partch) with Buddhist chant, Japanese traditional instruments, Indonesian gamelan modes, and Navaho text.

Mamoru Fujieda studied composition under Morton Feldman and Gordon Mumma. He has collaborated with artists including John Zorn, Pauline Oliveros and Butah dancer Setsuko Yamada. A previous CD of his piano works, "PLANETARY FOLKLORE," was recorded bu pianist Aki Takahashi.

Mineko Grimmer has collaborated with John Cage, Carl Stone and other composers. Her unique audible sculptures with ice, pebbles, wood and bamboo have been featured internationally in over 100 exhibitions.
Koshin Ebihara: Jumon (shomyo Buddhist Chant)
Mamoru Fujieda: Computer
Mineko Grimmer: Audible Sculpture
Toshiyuki Matsukura: Uchimono (percussion)
Satoshi Sakai: Uchimono (percussion)
Kazuko Takada: Hakimono (string Instrument)
Kodo Uesugi: Fukimono (wind Instrument)