New Japan
Derek and the Ruins :  Saisoro
Cat. # 7205
Released 1995
cd time - 55:58
US Price $16.00
Saisoro is a rare meeting of the British guitarist Derek Bailey, one of the world's foremost improvisers, and the amazing Japanese rock band Ruins, who have never before improvised on album. Bailey and Ruins drag each other kicking and screaming into never-before-explored musical territory.

One of the most important musical innovators of the '60s, Derek Bailey's original improvisational style and unorthodox guitar technique has had a profound influence on new music. He has recorded over one hundred albums and was a member of the Music Improvisations Company and the Spontaneous Music Ensemble. As leader/organizer of Company, he has played with hundreds of improvisers ranging from Anthony Braxton to Lee Konitz, from Cecil Taylor to Buckethead.

Ruins are masters of quick-change, stop/start tempos, time-signatures and textures. Hardcore, psych, heavy metal, art rock, funk and lots more - if Ruins have heard it, they are likely to incorporate it into their music.
Derek Bailey: Guitar
Masuda Ryuichi: Bass
Yoshida Tatsuya: Drums, Voice