New Japan
Haino Keiji :  Tenshi No Gijinka
Cat. # 7203
Released 1995
cd time - 55:37
US Price $16.00
Haino Keiji, enigmatic noise troubadour from Tokyo, has exploded on the American/European scene, enthralling both experimental enthusiasts and alternative rock fans. He has performed with artists including John Zorn, Thurston Moore, Gate, and Loren Mazzacane as well as his own group, Fushitsusha. Haino has been cited as a favorite guitarist by peers ranging from Thurston Moore to Fred Frith.

Tenshi No Gijinka is Haino's most dramatic album, a solo recording of unusual hand held percussion, exotic instruments from all over the world, impassioned vocals and his trademark mind-numbing guitar. It's an exciting development from his past work, making extensive use of overdubbing as a compositional tool.
Haino Keiji: Vocals And All Instruments