Radical Jewish Culture
Roberto Rodriguez :  Baila! Gitano Baila!
Cat. # 7189
Released Jun 2004
cd time - 55:39
US Price $16.00
Another charming CD of music from the imaginative mind of composer/performer Roberto Rodriguez, whose first CD El Danzon de Moises is one of Tzadik's best sellers. Celebrating the elusive Jewish community of Cuba, Roberto has fashioned an exotic new music that brilliantly blends both Latin and Jewish traditions. Featuring a hot new band and brilliant new compositions Roberto's new CD is as soulful as it is danceable.
Sam Bardfeld: Violin
Matt Darriau: Clarinete, Kaval Bulgaro, Flautin Irlandes, Trompeta China
Curtis Hasselbring: Trombon
Brad Jones: Bajo
Meg Okura: Violin
Ted Reichman: Acordeon, B-3 Hammond-leslie
Roberto Juan Rodriguez: Percusion
Roberto Luis Rodriguez: Trompeta, Bombardino, Trombone De Piston
Mary Wooten: Violoncello