Radical Jewish Culture
Greg Wall :  Later Prophets
Cat. # 7186
Released Mar 2004
cd time - 53:43
US Price $16.00
Saxophonist Greg Wall has been a leading figure in the Jewish Music scene since the late seventies. A veteran of countless bands, he is a founding member of the acclaimed Hasidic New Wave with Frank London, and was one of the first musicians to blend Jewish Music with Jazz. Later Prophets, his newest recording, is one of his best. A dramatic and powerful collection of originals inspired by the story of Ezekiel, whose prophecy resurrecting dry bones after the destruction of the temple contains a great message of hope. Merkabah Mysticism meets Free Jazz in this remarkable new work by one of Jewish Music's most passionate voices.
Aaron Alexander: Drums
Shai Bachar: Keyboards
Gary Lucas: Guitar
Greg Wall: Tenor Sax, Clarinet