Radical Jewish Culture
Ted Reichman :  Emigre
Cat. # 7182
Released Oct 2003
cd time - 49:18
US Price $16.00
A veteran of countless Tzadik projects led by (among others), David Krakauer, Marc Ribot, Roberto Rodriguez and Anthony Coleman, accordionist Ted Reichman steps out on his own in this moody, hypnotic portrait of one of the 20th Century's greatest photographers, André Kertész. Beginning with his early life in the Jewish community of Budapest, Ted eloquently tells the classic story of a man who leaves his Jewish heritage behind only to find further alienation in attempted assimilation throughout France and the United States. A fascinating and touching musical journey by downtown NY's premiere accordionist.
Dougie Bowne: Drums
Joyce Hammann: Violin, Viola
Ted Reichman: Accordion, Electronics, Guitar, Hammond Organ, Percussion, Piano, Pump Organ, Zither
Roberto Rodriguez: Percussion
Mark Stewart: Cello, Electric Guitar, Mandocello, Tenor Banjo
Doug Wieselman: Clarinets, Bass Harmonica, Guitar