Radical Jewish Culture
Koby Israelite :  Dance of the Idiots
Cat. # 7179
Released Apr 2003
cd time - 53:49
US Price $16.00
Koby Israelite is a young Israeli musician living in London who enjoys smashing genres together and grinding them into dust. Koby has absorbed an astounding array of musics, and blends them together here in dynamic and colorful musical world all his own. As complex and finely crafted as naked City, Frank Zappa or Mr. Bungle at their best, the music on Dance Of The Idiots, Koby’s debut recording, is a passionate exploration of the Jewish experience. Cantorial Death Metal, Nino Rota Klezmer, Balkan Surf, Catskills free improvisation. You’ve never heard such sounds.
Gilad Atzmon: Clarinet, Baritone And Tenor Saxophones
Howard Davies: Didgeridoo
Ofir Gal: Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
Sid Gauld: Trumpet, Flugel Horn
Koby Israelite: Drums, Vocals, Electric Guitar, Pocket Clarinet, Flutes, Piano, Accordion, Keyboard, Melodica, Percussion
Levi Levin: Vocals
Marcel Mamaliga: Violin
Marin: Accordion
Stefan Redtenbaucher: Bass Guitar
Reut Regev: Trombone
Yaron Stavi: Upright Bass, Electric Upright Bass