Radical Jewish Culture
Kramer :  The Greenberg Variations
Cat. # 7176
Released Mar 2003
cd time - 45:57
US Price $16.00
The mastermind behind Shimmy Disc and co-conspirator of Bongwater, Shockabilly and countless other twisted indie bands, Kramer is finally coming into his own as a composer in the Twenty-first Century. His first solo project in five years is a delightful theme-and-variations inspired by baseball’s first Jewish superstar, the legendary slugger Hank Greenberg. The dreamy tones of mellotrons, clavinets, pianos and other vintage keyboards (both real and imaginary) drift you off to a magical world where the baroque meets minimalism and anything is possible. Molded after J.S. Bach’s brilliant suite of keyboard masterpieces, written to help Goldberg fall asleep, The Greenberg Variations is a radical departure for the pop producer/musical chameleon Kramer.
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