Radical Jewish Culture
Wolf Krakowski :  Goyrl : Destiny
Cat. # 7166
Released Jun 2002
cd time - 51:41
US Price $16.00
`In his dramatic follow-up to Transmigrations: Gilgul, Wolf Krakowski weaves unique and heartfelt world-beat soul stylings with Yiddish folk, theatre and pop songs to create a compelling international downtown sound rooted in the blues, country-rock, tango, reggae and native mameloshn. Produced by Frank London, this contemporary classic is the very embodiment of Old World meets the New.
Seth Austen
Doug Beaumier
Fraidy Katz
Wolf Krakowski
Daniel Lombardo
Frank London
Corner Mentos
Brian Mitchell
Charles Neville
Pamela Smith Salavka
Jaye Simms
Beverly Woods

The Lonesome Brothers
Jim Armenti
Ray Mason
Tom Shea