Radical Jewish Culture
Jamie Saft :  Breadcrumb Sins
Cat. # 7162
Released May 2002
cd time - 48:06
US Price $16.00
Jamie’s second CD for Tzadik is a cinematic exploration of dub, pop and club music filtered through his own very personal Jewish lens. Spacy DJ mixes, deep grooves, fucked-up dubs and soulful vocals on subjects ranging from tashlikh to prayer to fratricide. What more could you ask from one of Tzadik’s mainstays whose first CD Solvanut and special mixes for David Gould (Adonai in Dub) have already become legendary underground hits.
Antony: Vocals
Mr. Dorgon: Turntables
Rob Haggis: Percussion
Chris Kelly: Guitar Solo
Rick Quinones: Vocals, Guitar
Jamie Saft: Piano, Organs, Synthesizers, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Electronics, Steel Guitars, Dumbek, Saz, Dubs, Turntables, Percussion, Vocals
Vanessa Saft: Vocals