Radical Jewish Culture
Z'ev :  The Sapphire Nature
Cat. # 7161
Released May 2002
cd time - 59:01
US Price $16.00
One of the world’s premier noise percussionists and a learned scholar of Kabbalah, Torah and Talmud, Z’EV has been a vital force in the downtown scene since the late 1970s. In addition to his collaborations with Glenn Branca, Rudolph Grey and his fascinating solo work, Z’EV is also a prolific writer and musical thinker who has written on subjects ranging from music composition to ritual performance. The Sapphire Nature features 5 translations of the primal mystical text known as The Book of Formation. His exoteric, esoteric, metaphorical and allegorical translations of the Book are contained in 54 pages of text in both English and Hebrew (in PDF files). His symbolic translation is represented by the music; an atmospheric and hypnotic symphony of bangs, clangs and howls in the night.
Z'ev: Percussion