Radical Jewish Culture
David Gould :  Adonai in Dub
Cat. # 7156
Released Nov 2001
cd time - 47:32
US Price $16.00
A member of the popular reggae band John Brown's Body, David Gould has been fascinated with the spiritual connections between Roots Reggae and Judaism for years. Adonai in Dub is his fascinating response. Traditional Hebrew prayers beautifully performed in Gould's inspiring arrangements, are deconstructed for the Radical Jewish Series by dub master Jamie Saft into an entirely new universe of space dub noise. Extreme dub meets the Jewish tradition via Sun Ra, Shlomo Carlebach and Lee Perry.
Tommy Benedetti
Alex Beram
Ken Field
Craig Akira Fujita
Amy Glicklich
David Gould
Lee Hamilton
Chris Hansen
Michael O’Connor
Nathan Richardson
Jamie Saft
Brian Thomas
Christofer Welter