Radical Jewish Culture
Jewlia Eisenberg :  Trilectic
Cat. # 7155
Released Nov 2001
cd time - 44:15
US Price $16.00
One of the most important releases this year, Jewlia Eisenberg’s radical setting of texts by Walter Benjamin, Asja Lacis and Gershom Sholem point to a whole new style of acappela vocal music. Drawing upon traditions from doo-wop to Meredith Monk, Eskimo throat singing, to Hebrew cantilation and more, Trilectic is as charming as it is challenging. A brilliant vocalist and bandleader (Charming Hostess) Jewlia has studied a wide variety of vocal techniques, including the secular vocal music of women in the Jewish Falasha tribe in Ethiopia. An astonishing solo debut by this intensely creative musical thinker.
Wes Anderson: Voice, Drums
Jewlia Eisenberg: Voice, Bass
Nils Frykdahl: Voice
Frank Grau: Vocal Percussion
Carla Kihlstedt: Voice, Shaker
Dawn McCarthy: Voice
Freddy Price: Whistle
Dan Rathbun: Voice
Nina Rolle: Voice