Radical Jewish Culture
Erik Friedlander :  Grains of Paradise
Cat. # 7154
Released Nov 2001
cd time - 49:54
US Price $16.00
One of the most important cellists in New Music and a dynamic bandleader and composer in his own right, Erik Friedlander has been a vital voice in the bands of Dave Douglas, Joe Lovano, Marty Ehrlich and John Zorn for over a decade. His latest project finds him surrounded by ten violins and rhythm section. Moments of lush romanticism, fiery brilliance and hypnotic moods, Grains of Paradise is an exciting trip to exotic lands inspired by the spices of the Orient.
Bryce Dessner: Guitar
Trevor Dunn: Bass
Erik Friedlander: Cello
Joyce Hammann: Violin
Karen Milne: Violin
Peter Rovit: Violin
Satoshi Takeishi: Percussion