Radical Jewish Culture
Naftule's Dream :  Job
Cat. # 7153
Released Nov 2001
cd time - 55:28
US Price $16.00
Now a mainstay of the Radical Jewish Series, Naftule’s Dream epitomizes the passion and creativity of New Jewish Music in the 21st Century. Their third CD for Tzadik captures them in front of an inspiring audience, live in Boston. Exciting compositions both old and new, and a charming Jewish take on the music of Erik Satie, Job is another brilliant musical statement by one of the most important bands in the New Jewish Renaissance. Mixed by producer extraordinaire Bill Laswell.
Glenn Dickson: Clarinet
Pete Fitzpatrick: Electric Guitar
Jim Gray: Tuba
David Harris: Trombone
Michael McLaughlin: Accordion
Eric Rosenthal: Drums