Radical Jewish Culture
Fima Ephron :  Soul Machine
Cat. # 7152
Released Oct 2001
cd time - 44:16
US Price $16.00
Fima Ephron, the dynamic bassist for the psycho-semitic-avant-klez-band Hasidic New Wave steps out on his own for yet another new approach bringing Jewish music into the 21st Century. Soul Machine blends Jewish scales and sensibilities with jazz/rock fusion via Weather Report and late Miles. Boasting an incredible lineup of downtown’s newest jazz stars, Fima’s colorful program also features a moody remix collage by the talented composer/performer David Torn.
Dave Binney: Saxophone, Clarinet
Jim Black: Drums
Fima Ephron: Bass
Mike Ephron: Voice
Buba Gisa Majerowitz: Voice
Adam Rogers: Guitar
Edward Simon: Keys
David Torn: Oud, Samples, Voice
Greg Wall: Clarinet