Radical Jewish Culture
Raz Mesinai :  Before the Law
Cat. # 7151
Released Sep 2001
cd time - 50:15
US Price $16.00
Raz Mesinai is one of the most respected young musicians in New York’s burgeoning underground electronica scene. His unique approach utilizes samples of acoustic instruments performing his original compositions, electronics of his own design, computers and occasionally his dynamic percussion work. His latest project is inspired by the hermetic Jewish writer Franz Kafka whose influential work views the Jewish experience through a mystical, almost Kabbalistic lens. A complex and multifaceted CD of new electronic music at its best.
Ralph Farris: Viola
Mark Feldman: Violin
Jacqueline Leclair: English Horn, Oboe
Raz Mesinai: Processing, Editing, Percussion, Piano, Flute, Voice
Michael Moser: Cello
Erich Schoen-René: Cello
Ann de Villiers: Voice
Meredith Yayanos: Violin